Back row L-R: Ann, Sue, Ela, Sharon and Suzie

Front Row L-R: Christine, Sarah and Becks

Meet Spirit of the East Belly Dance!



Ann started her dance journey over 25 years ago in West London, learning classical Indian, Bollywood, Bhangra and Belly Dance.

Ann has been studying and teaching the different styles of traditional Egyptian dance for over 10 years and is the founder of Egyptian Spirit Belly Dance in Cheltenham.

Her travels have taken her to Egypt, Sinai desert, India and Morocco where she has had amazing adventures.

Ann loves steam trains, long walks by the sea and drinking gallons of weak milky tea.

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Becks started belly dancing four years ago under Ann’s wonderful tuition.

Becks loves the variety of styles within belly dance and attends as many classes and workshops as she can, in an attempt to learn as much as possible. She also enjoys experimenting with props.

When not dancing, Becks likes nothing more than to cwtch (not a typo) up with a hot chocolate and good book.

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Christine has danced since she was 17, starting with Latin and ballroom, then rock and roll, modern jive, lindy hop, and now belly dance!

Christine loves the joy that moving to music brings and loves belly dance because of its history, the friendships formed and making and wearing fabulous costumes.

When not dancing she enjoys singing and walking with her 4 dogs!


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Ela has started belly dance 10 years ago and has been part of the troupe for a number of those.

She loves trying all types of dance styles – Egyptian, Bollywood, Turkish, Khaliji and most recently Gypsy Caravan tribal.

She has a passion for yoga and cats, her favourite pose being of course cat pose!

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Sarah has been belly dancing for six years, starting her journey at 15 and then returning to it in her mid-twenties.

She has been learning traditional Egyptian and Indian dance for a number of years under her wonderful teacher and friend Ann. She has also in the last year been training in Tribal Fusion, mentored by the brilliant Alexis Southall.

Sarah loves cats, baking and dying her hair a range of unusual colours (it’s now light blue!)

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Sharon began belly dancing four years ago, under the tuition of Ann, and is now proud to be a troupe member.

Her favourite type of dance is Egyptian.

She enjoys walking, baking and sewing, and has taken great pleasure in making belly dance costumes with other troupe members.


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Sue has been belly dancing for seven years. She loves to dance as it makes her feel alive.

She also loves creating choreographies in different genres, in particular, using wings, veils or sticks.

Sue is a Reiki Master who loves animals and meditating. She also swims and likes raising money for charity.


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Suzie started her bellydance journey over 6 years ago and was invited to join the troupe in October 2015. She has a dance background of Salsa and Ceroc.

She enjoys different styles of dance, including Indian Bollywood, Egyptian, Gypsy Caravan Tribal, and Tahitian, and using veils. Interested in learning to use silk fan veils, and Isis wings, and loves choreographies using pop, rock, and traditional Egyptian music.

Suzie loves travelling to different countries and experiencing different cultures. She is happily married and adores her young grandchildren.

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